Cheers! Pathfinder

Adventure Log of Yao Li the Paladin

Obtained +75 Gold from the 500 Initial Bounty (First Bucket of Gold)

Spent +50 Gold for the Adventure Chronicles Book (Easy Come Easy Go)

Took a critical blow in the first battle from Garr 2. Survived with 1HP. (Lucker Noob)

Dealt 6 damage to Garr 3. Killing it (First Blood)

+40GP Found Chainwork Shirt (DMGED)

-25GP lost in Market Search

Character creation rules



All Core
All Base, except Gunslinger (at level 1, may dual-class later)

You must take all of your standard racial traits, such as language, move speed, size bonuses, etc.
Other racial traits such as defensive, offensive, magic, etc and all other traits are limited to
4. This is buffed by house rules from the default 2 traits.


Campaign Background Info
Cheers is destined for doom!

The following is set upon the ever evolving continent of Iubentia

The Sand Sultanate of Quarsan

Quarsan, Capitol

Population: : ~29,600

Quarsan is a city located in the middle of the Khald Desert, of which the Quarsani Kingdom is comprised. While the Khald is vast, arrid and dotted with lush oases amongst it’s dunes, it’s most significant feature is Mount Saigo. The desert’s last evidence of the once magnificent, and massive Yein mountain range.

Mount Saigo’s gift to the Khald Desert is hidden within a cave 10 meters up from the mountain’s base. A pure mountain spring, bubbling cool, clean water up from somewhere within the ground -
This seemingly eternal spring creates the waterfall that supplies the largest and most verdant oasis in the Khald Desert. This is where Quarsan has been located since it’s founding, over 350 years ago.

The Kingdom’s prime export is it’s fabled oasis water, said to be purer and more refreshing than even the glacial fonts of the Surn mountains to the far north. Trade routes are established based upon the fact that Quarsan is the gateway through the Khald.
The oases of the desert occur in such a way that risking travel around the capitol and it’s subsequent oasis would kill all but the most veteran nomads.

The capitol is divided strictly into three zones, thus representing the caste system of the Kingdom…

Lodown: the Sand of the Oasis

Inhabited by the poorest, and most downtrodden caste of society.

Mainly industrial and labor oriented work to be found. Pumping, packing and distributing of Oasis water are the top industrial avenues. Other resource acquisition and processing follow. Biggest draw for the higher castes to visit is the Glasshouse, a sizeable gambling den that is operated by local labor unions heads. As gambling is technically outlawed in the Kingdom, the union officials pay large tarifs to the nobles of HiTower.
Large network of whispers, eyes and ears all reporting to and for Deus Ex Machina.

The D.E.M., colloquially called “Machina” or “The Machine,” is a local crime syndicate which targets high-value MidCity locations. After reaping suitable profit, the bandits subsequently distribute charity throughout Lodown.
Responsible for little comfort possible to citizens of Lodown.
Favored by nearly all of the Lodown populace, the exception being the business owners and management who have ties with members of the upper castes.

A young and rising D.E.M. agent has been rumored to have recently began laying the groundwork for a rebellion against the nobility of HiTower, no matter the cost.
The citizenry of Lodown seem primed to revolt, as they have the worst living conditions in the city, the hardest means of earning a living, and far less than half of the Capitol’s landmass, despite containing a vast majority of it’s populace.

Local Authority: “Parliament” featuring a collective of labor union bosses governed by a tertiary noble.

Population estimated at 20-26,000.
Main Deities: Tulis, Desna

MidCity: The Jewelled Lagoon of the Oasis

Inhabited by the middle-class to the substantially wealthy.

Much of the commercial enterprise of the Kingdom is located here. Nearly all of the elite local artisans reside and sell their work within the myriad of markets. Lodown citizens are allowed to frequent the MidCity bazaars and attractions from sun up to sun down.

Lodown citizenry must have written permission to be within MidCity limits after dark. Many of the middle-class citizens have worked their way out of the Lodown through any means necessary, often taking a life’s savings or more.
The wealthier and uppermost castemembers of MidCity are usually the product of inheritance. It is out of this pool of generational wealth that the elite caste of HiTower choose future nobles.

Local Authority: A triumvirate of secondary nobles with oversight by an elected primary noble.

Population: 3,000 middle class citizens, 200 assorted nobles, elites & celebrities.
Main Deities: Abadar, rumors of a cult of Asmodeus

HiTower: The Supreme Font of the Oases

Inhabited by the elitest of the noble class, including the Sultan.

Nested 30 feet above the Quarsan Oasis in the heart of MidCity, scaling another 60 feet up Mount Saigo -is HiTower, the Sultan’s seat of power and prestige within Quarsan. HiTower is also the housing in which Mount Saigo’s gift resides, along with the elite primary nobles of Quarsan’s caste system.

Not much is known about the goings on within the walls of HiTower. It is believed that Kingdom’s economic, diplomatic and political administration takes place here – but little can be confirmed from the myriad of tales that have trickled down the tiered steppes of Quarsan’s castes.

The Sultan Zamir is said to be ordained by Pharasma herself, and thus is consider of divine nature himself in law. He is mostly out of the eyes of the people, but when the Sultan does make an appearance, it is usually a grand spectacle of some sort. He is considered benevolent and enlightened by all those within MidCity & HiTower castes. The Lodown citizenry would have you believe something entirely contrary.

Local Authority: The College of Nobles, headed by Grand Viser Hadaam, with the Sultan’s authority.

Population: ~500
Main Deities: Pharasma, ?

The adventurers have gathered in the tavern within the Guild of Mirage’s main building, the lead contracting agency within the capitol.
They are here in response to a continental outreach for able-bodied adventurers,
promised 500 gold pieces as a reward simply for showing up. . .
“Speak with Tyndaal at the bar when you arrive to the Guild’s main hall, MidCity, Quarsan.”


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